The War of Masks

The War of the Masks was a civil war within the Kingdom of Elorin between current king of Elorin Amathus Grier and his old brother Kreygan Grier. The war got its name due to the nickname of House Grier which is "The House of Masks" which came from the masks that the royal family wears into battle. The war began with the assassination of King Baldrik and the attempted assassination of Amathus by Kreygen. It was said to be a bloody fight within the royal palace that left many dead, but Amathus stood his ground and it is rumored that they fought against each other alone for hours before Kreygen fled.

For a year Kreygen was hunted and yet nobody could find him. It was rumored he was making allies and raising an army to take the throne back for himself. These rumors turned out to be true when Kreygen took the ancient Dwarven Cidadel of Dorak'Thel and declared war upon his brother.

What followed was three years of one of the bloodiest wars Ardros has ever seen. Kreygen had put together a dark army of Orcs, Orges, Drow, and dark creatures that haven't been seen for an age. 

The war ended with the Battle of Dorak'Thel where the remaining members of The Dawn Company killed Kreygen in his throne room.


The War of Masks

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