The Twelve

The Twelve


The Twelve are the mortals who lead the fight against the Old Ones during the War of the Gods. They are the most commonly worshipped gods in all of Ardros.

Unla – Queen of the Depths

Chaotic Neutral

Goddess of the Sea, Storms, and Vengeance

Often both worshipped and cursed by all those who travel across the sea Unla is a violent god who shows little mercy to even those who worship her. Those who choose to follow her believe that the world is not meant to be easy and they deserve nothing that they can't earn with their own two hands. She is often depicted in two forms. The first, is a slender dark skinned woman with a white cloak and carrying a massive great sword. The other, is a massive leviathan that is said to be the form of her vengeance and is also the symbol of her order of knights.

Narisol- The Queen of Light

Lawful Good

Goddess of Sun, Light, and Hope

Narisol is the most worshiped god in all of Ardros. Her name is spoken even by those who do not worship her and most small villages center around her worship. Narisol was said to be the Leader of the Twelve along with her husband Yaribrak. Those champions of her faith wear her symbol of a shining sun and live by he creed of their faith "There is always a light within the darkness"

Yaribrak- The Silence

True Neutral

Lord of the Dead

Yaribrak is not often worshiped unless spoken by the dying or speaking the rights over the dead. He is the considered to be the one that shepards souls to the afterlife. Once a true champion of the people of Ardain it is said that he gave up his mortal body in order to stop the old gods and his soul is forever trapped within his armor. Yaribrak is not evil by any means he does not care what you do in life or in death he meanly is the one that brings your soul to wherever it is destined to go. Though it is said to those that attempt cheat death by unholy or unnatural means shall face a wrath that even the other gods fear. His true worshippers are said to rarely speak unless speaking of their god or within their church.  

Rolitok-  Lord of the Elements

Lawful Neutral

Lord of the Elemental Planes

Rolitok is considered to be the most primordial of all the twelve. Often depicted as a massive figure of obsidian and flame Rolitok was known to be a master of all four elements. He is often worshiped by druids and those seeking mastery over the elemental planes. Those who choose to worship Rolitok often carry an ever burning flame inside of glass around thier necks.

Rictor – The Wandering Blade

Chaotic Good

God of Warriors, Wanderers, and Battle

With the symbol of the broken great sword Rictor is the patron of warriors and wanderers. Once a great king within the great continent of Ardain Rictor was one of the greatest warriors of his age. When he lost his kingdom to the Old ones its said he wandered the wastes for hundreds of years before he joined the wars against them. The most devoted of his order are called The Wanderers Lone weapon masters we walk on foot from place to place who in the likeness of their god help the towns they stop in the best they can.

Vayan- Voidwalker

Lawful Evil

God of Assassins and Shadows

A legendary assassin in his day Vayan is not consider to be a commonly worshiped god by those who seek to be on the right side of the law. Those who seek the favor of Vayan are often those who seek to work from the shadows. Not much is known about the orders and factions that worship Vayan. The only thing people know is his symbol which is a silver dagger with a red ribbon 

Bo'son'ray The Great Predator

Neutral Good

God of Hunters and Animals

Bo'Son'ray is known as the king of hunters. Often depicted as a dark skinned man with a devilish grin he was known to be the greatest tracker of his age. Those who follow him are often hunters or those who live in the wilds. The most devout wear his symbol of two amber feline eyes on a black field

Dez Juriay The Lawful

Neutral Good

God of Law and Order

Elena The Pale Moon

Chaotic Good

Goddess of the Earth, Moon, and Love  

Berthian The Weaver

True Neutral

God of The Weave, Innovation, and Scholars

Tezlen The Berserker

Chaotic Neutral

God of Fury and Destruction

Doril – The Liar

Neutral Evil

God of Thieves,Trade, and Liars

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The Twelve

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