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1678 A.T.R

Year of the Acended


It has been two years since since the end of the War of Masks and three year conflict has left deep wounds across the Kingdom of Elorin. Despite this the kingdom is rebuilding and seemly flourishing in the wake of the bloody war. There is peace between all three Major Kingdoms in Ardros for the first time in 400 years.

 However, a new darkness is brewing. It is old and many know nothing of it unless you can read the signs. It's truth remains as only a whisper or the mad babbling of those who have even glimpsed a peace of the truth. Perhaps it was awoken by the deeds of the War of Masks or from something else no one is certain. What is certain is that events that been set in motion and what was once thought to be forgotten is returning.

It is up to remaining members of the infamous Dawn Company to find answers and discover the truth behind these whispers else Ardros itself might be plunged into madness.

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