Kingdom of Elorin


The Kingdom of Elorin is one of the oldest kingdoms in all of Ardros. Through many of the disasters and times of strife the Elorin has always managed to pull through and stand the test of time. This may ne due to the fact that it's capitol is a relic from the days of old that quite literally floats over the Lake of Silver. The aptly named Skytop also known as "The City of Wonders" is said to be the greatest wonder of all the continent. The current ruling family of Grier has stand atop the Silver Throne for the past 400 years and has ruled in what many are calling "The golden age" for the kingdom up until a recent civil war name The War of Masks that has recently devastated the kingdom ,but it is rebuilding and showing sings of returning to prosperity.

Cities & Locations in Elorin




Claw Keep

The Spearfang Woods

The Web Wood

The Citadel of DorakThel


Recent Events

The War of Masks

Kingdom of Elorin

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